Futur/io Announces the Winners of the Inaugural CSO Awards /24, in Davos

Futur/io, a leading institute for sustainable innovation and leadership in Europe, proudly announces the winners of the inaugural Chief Sustainability Officers Awards /24. This prestigious recognition honours outstanding individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation in driving sustainable practices within their organisations.

After careful consideration and evaluation, a Grand Jury composed of world renowned leaders who have shaped the course of european action in sustainability, announced the outstanding Award winners:

Award Winners:

Rebecca Marmot – CSO, Unilever (UK)
Rebecca Marmot holds the esteemed position of Chief Sustainability Officer at Unilever, where she plays a pivotal role in advancing the company’s sustainability agenda. Tasked with driving advocacy and partnerships, Rebecca spearheads transformative initiatives across key focus areas of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan.

Karen Pflug – CSO, Ingka Group/IKEA (Sweden)
Karen Pfluug is the Chief Sustainability Officer for Ingka Group and IKEA, leading transformative initiatives to achieve their ambitious goals of being climate positive by 2030 and net zero by 2050. Guided by the People and Planet Positive strategy, she addresses interconnected challenges such as climate, unsustainable consumption, and inequality.

Daniella Vega – Global Senior Vice President Health & Sustainability, Ahold (Netherlands)
Daniella Vega, serving as the Global Senior Vice President of Health & Sustainability at Ahold Delhaize, is an accomplished sustainability professional with a proven track record in the media, fashion, and food retail sectors. Her extensive experience reflects her adeptness in navigating diverse industries, showcasing a rich history of contributing to sustainability initiatives across different domains.

Arthur Schneider
Arthur Schneider has been with the Bechtle Group for seven years and is now heading the central sustainability team. He reports to the CEO and leads the sustainability strategy 2030 including all major projects and ambitions the company has set. With experience in Brussels and Public Procurement, he approaches social and environmental aspects with his network and partners.

Special Mentions:
Finance – Catharina Belfrage Sahlstrand, Handelsbanken (Sweden)
Governance – Petra Wicklandt, Merck (Germany)
Green Transition – Andreas Wade, Viessmann (Germany)
Insurance – Linda Freiner, Zurich (Switzerland)

Beyond demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, these remarkable leaders are showing us that sustainable practices can drive positive change to benefit people, planet and profit. With their innovative actions and commitment, they have set an exemplary benchmark for European businesses to redefine their strategies in line with planetary boundaries.

The CSO Awards /24 seeks to highlight the crucial role that sustainability leaders play in creating a more sustainable and responsible business environment, and in securing a thriving future for business.

The Futur/io Institute congratulates the winners on their well-deserved achievements and thanks all the nominees and TOP100 European CSOs for their dedication to advancing sustainability in the corporate world.

The Futur/io Institute, known for being the home to the co-creators of desirable futures, is at the forefront of encouraging sustainable innovation and shaping a world where organisations prioritise ethical and sustainable business practices towards collectively achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The CSO Awards /24 was grounded in the following principles:

Shining a light on sustainable leadership: The awards ceremony honours the outstanding CSOs who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and made a significant impact in advancing corporate sustainability, highlighting the importance of their work in accelerating the transformation of European business practices.

Inspiration and empowerment: Eminent speakers and thought leaders from the sustainability and business world shared their insights and experiences, offering valuable perspectives on the future of sustainability in the corporate landscape. Our aim is to encourage all major European corporations to act bolder towards business models in line with planetary boundaries.

Connections: The CSO Awards provides a unique platform for CSOs, business leaders, and industry experts to connect, share ideas, and foster collaborations to accelerate sustainable transformation. Futur/io emphasises on the importance of community as a central piece in accelerating systemic change, fostering collaboration and cross-pollination.

The CSO Awards /24 marked an important milestone in the world of corporate sustainability in Europe, emphasising the vital role CSOs play in transforming businesses towards building a regenerative economy that benefits people, planet and profit.

For more information about the Davos CSO Awards /24, please visit www.csoawards.eu or contact Luciana Prestes (luciana@futur.io)

About the Futur/io Institute:
The Futur/io Institute is a pioneering organisation dedicated to shaping a future where sustainability, technology, and innovation are at the core of global progress. With a mission to co-create desirable futures, the institute provides a platform for thought leaders, innovators, and change-makers to shape the futures of business and society.

Futur/io works with organisations like the UNFCCC or corporates in leadership training and organises Executive Programmes to inspire future leaders in sustainable innovation. Futur/io is based in Hamburg and works as a think-tank with a selected international and divers faculty of 100+ leaders in sustainability.