The Criteria

The CSO Awards are honouring European Chief Sustainability Officers and equivalent roles driving corporate sustainability for major companies with high, scalable impact.


The requirements below are the mandatory factors for eligibility into the Futur/io TOP 100 CSO list and further nomination for the CSO Awards /24.


20 nominees which will be selected by the Nomination Committee, composed of 12 outstanding Futur/io faculty members and partners.


3 Award winners will be selected by a Grand Jury and announced in Davos on January 15, 2024.

Eligibility Requirements


Company Related


CSO specific

Nominees and Awards Judging Criteria

The CSO nominees and awards will be selected based on the following criteria that highlight the impact, vision and ambition at the heart of the CSO’s work: 

Demonstrate impact thinking and knowledge sharing 

to amplify efforts and influence at scale, via media or social media collaborations, authentic content creation and other;

Acting beyond regulation on SDG & ESG progress and a progressive timeline to Net-Zero and beyond

demonstrating a courageous and bold mindset of transformation;

First mover in their industry (i.e. action projects)

experimenting, pioneering and innovating to set the stage for new actions & ambitions; this includes membership in international bodies or awards / public rankings & acknowledgements;

Leadership and educational training initiative​

engaging all team players and stakeholders by implementing educational training that impacts all sectors of the company and embeds sustainability thinking in its culture;

Sustainability branding and media content

demonstrating a commitment to sustainability through reporting efforts and communications that demonstrate transparency and impact.

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